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I inspire people of all walks of life to become environmental stewards, achieve a higher level of consciousness, and cultivate spirituality in multiple areas.

Selected Presentation Topics and Highlights

Voices of the Earth

Learning to listen to Mother Earth’s hearth rhythm and aligning ourselves with the cycle of seasons, nature, and a higher global spirituality.

  • Nature is sacred and so is the feminine essence.


  • Each of us can be a “Captain Planet”.


  • Why men have lost touch with the Earth’s feminine energy and how they can regain it.​

  • More than environmental stewardship, reconnecting with Mother Earth means health for all the planet and the entire human species.

Sweetest Taboos: LOVE and SEX Talk

Rediscovering ourselves, regaining access to our forbidden bodies and owning our future through qualified, planned parenthood for a healthy, happy, prosperous society.


  • Secrets of the human body - losing innocence and gaining knowledge.

  • The real meaning of guilty pleasures and why guilt is subjective.

  • Health benefits of healthy sexual relationships. Addressing the “Me Too” movement.

  • The ongoing changes in collective mindset regarding sexuality for a new dynamic of society overall.

Sweetest Taboos: LOVE and SEX Talk
Image by Yannic Läderach

Extensive Body Healing

How to reactivate your inborn restorative capacities for a full mind-body healing and balance.

  • Good, great, optimum health. What’s the secret to each?

  • Long life, prosperity, and peace and how to achieve them.

  • Natural remedies and a natural lifestyle are available to anyone.

  • Super humans with super bodies and higher spirituality – an elevated species.

Extensive Soul Healing

How to reconnect with your higher self for a better, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

  • What is the elusive nature of the human soul?

  • Communicating more effectively with your higher self.

  • How to align your everyday persona and your spiritual energy in a harmonious relationship.

  • Learn to achieve success in life by being true to one’s real life calling.

From Religion to Spirituality

From Religion to Spirituality

One Life Source for ALL, connecting people, things, energies, and higher dimensions.

  • Seeking and understating the divine – a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.

  • Why a piece of truth does not mean the whole truth, yet many people think they’re more spiritual than others. Religious commonalities vs. differences.

  • Border sciences and higher dimensions of spirituality.

  • What it means to live within a collective consciousness in universal understanding and communion.

She Talks Magazine Article

Spring Celebrations For Fun, Fellowship, and Wellbeing


“Lisa, you are awesome! Thank you so much for being a guest on my podcast and sharing your valuable insight with our listeners. I enjoyed our conversation and I know you inspired many.”

Colleen Biggs – Entrepreneur, Lead Up for Women Podcast Host

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